Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tam Truong Running For San Jose City Council

San Jose Mercury broke the news recently that Tam Truong, 30,  is planning to run against the incumbent Kansen Chu for D4 council seat with Mayor Chuck Reed's blessing.

This is a district where Vietnamese-Americans make up about 25% of the registered voters.   It is a surprise to many people in Little Saigon since Tam Truong is unknown in the community.    Nevertheless,  it is good news for Little Saigon to see new young faces who are interested in political office. These candidates, whether they win or lose, are the upcoming leaders of the community. So it is nice to see them taking on the political challenge and make a name for themselves.

The first sighting of Tam Truong at a Vietnamese community function was in early October 2011.   It was an event for Vietnamese veterans held at Dynasty restaurant.  He was accompanying Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen and was introduced as a SJPD detective.  Some people in the crowd thought he was there as her police escort.

At any rate, this should be an interesting race since Tam Truong will get the powerful support from Reed and Nguyen.   He is good looking and as a young fresh face, has no political baggage.  Conventional wisdom suggests that it will be a competitive race.   Kansen Chu will need all the help from his Vietnamese-American friends that he has built up the relationship since his last election and of course his Chinese base.  The Chinese-American voters compose about 18% of the total voting bloc. 

Last time Kansen Chu ran against a Chuck Reed's candidate, it was in 2008.  Hon Lien was also an unknown in the community with little political experience.  But with the mayor's support and Vic Aljouny helped managed the campaign, she ran a surprisingly competitive race against Chu.  However, Chu was not the incumbent in 2008 and his Vietnamese-American base was not as strong.   The white votes will make up about 30% of the total votes.  They are the minority majority that will play a crucial role in either re-electing or replacing Chu.   Reed and Nguyen ability to wield influence with the white voters will be the key to defeat Chu.


Anonymous said...

Tam Truong does not have the support of the SJPD

Anonymous said...

The last three people Reed endorsed failed...this guy looks mexican.

Anonymous said...

Tam is nothing more than a puppet for Reed. He has turned on every one of his brother police officers including viet cops. If Tam was doing the right thing there would be some Police officers that would support him. If Tam is elected it will basically make Reed the emperor of San Jose and he will be able to do as he pleases. Tam is making a joke out of our elections. He is funded by Reed and knows he will not be independent but loyal to Reed.
Chu is the exact type of man you want to elect. he votes based on his morals of right and wrong. he considers what is best for the community and does not sell his vote to lobbyists.
If Tam can turn on every cop on San Jose PD do you think he will have a problem turning on the citizen's of San Jose. He is a man will not soul. He did not run for City council he joined with Reed to form a take over of the local government. How a police officer could have so little sense of right and wrong is very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

This man does not have what it takes to be a reasonable member of the council. Tam strongly pushes his " oh look at me I'm a SJ Cop". Anyone knows, that's if the been around the south bay any amount of time that SJ PD is known for their brutality and their biased ways. Why would a man that claims that he has any smarts push his "detective" logo on this community. If you want to be a cop stay. A cop. There is no room to mix politics and the local PD
Try running for sheriff

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