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Recall vs. No Recall

We are at the mid-point of the signature collecting campaign for the recall ballot. If successful, San Jose City Councilmember Madison Nguyen would have the dubious honor of being the first Vietnamese-American elected in San Jose as well as the first Vietnamese-American official to be forced out of office by her expatriates that voted her in.

The Recall Committee is directed by an ad hoc committee made up mostly by professional people who work in the hi-tech and medical fields. The No Recall Committee of course is headed by Councilmember Nguyen and her chief of staff - Louansee Moua. Behind the scene providing the strategy and playing the advisorial role is a controversial political consultant from Omaha, Nebraska and a close advisor to Mayor Reed - Vic Aljouny. Vic Aljouny two years ago was asked by Mayor Reed to help his handpicked candidate, Hon Lien, in a city council race. She was defeated by Kansen Chu and his Vietnamese-American supporters who opposed her close business relation…