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Discount up to 22% on Prescription Drugs

According to the San Jose Mercury News -

" Santa Clara County has joined a nationwide program sponsored by the National Association of Counties to buy drugs in bulk. The main idea is to help sick people buy drugs they need but can't afford and to bring more business to pharmacies. Residents of any age, with or without health coverage, can get a free card without having to register or fill out cumbersome paperwork. Locally, 200 pharmacies will participate. The cards can also be used outside the county at about 59,000 pharmacies recruited by the association.

Kicking off the program at Government Hall, Supervisor Liz Kniss said the program won't cost county taxpayers a dime. Pharmacies expect to profit by selling more prescription drugs to patients who can't afford them now."

While new to this county, the program has operated for several years in dozens of states throughout the country.  There is no budget or end d…