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Janet Nguyen's Official Response

In the past few days, there have been mass spam emails floating around in Little Saigon alluding to the fact that a Janet Nguyen was convicted of DUI. The email starting with the rhetorical question:" WHO IS THIS JANET NGUYEN?"

This has prompted an official response from the County Supervisor Janet Nguyen's office.

The response is in Vietnamese and English. Here is an excerpt.


Dear Community Members:

In the past few days, numerous mass emails have been sent and circulated in the Vietnamese-American Community, alluding to a DUI conviction by an individual with the name of Janet Tran Nguyen. A rhetorical question was also raised in these emails, asking “who is this Janet Nguyen?” The ambiguous nature of the emails with their obvious reference to Supervisor Janet Nguyen may lead some members of the community to be confused. Therefore, this letter shall serve as an official response from Supervisor …

Quang Pham Making Campaign News

Image Quang Pham is running for congress against the incumbent Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D). Pham is an ex Marine pilot, a successful businessman and an author of " A Sense of Duty : My Father, My Amercian Journey". He often writes op-ed pieces and articles for local and national newspapers across the county. Link here is a nice op-ed piece that he wrote for the Washington Post.