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Building Healthy Families Forum

Santa Clara County Office of Women’s Policy in collaboration with Asian Americans for Community Involvement is proud to introduce the “Xây Dýòng Gia ÐiÌnh LaÌnh Maònh” or “Building Healthy Families” community forum, a Domestic Violence Information & Resource Collaborative event on October 13th at the Franklin McKinley School District Office.
Our mission is to educate Vietnamese American families in identifying signs and symptoms of domestic violence and emotional abuse. We hope to achieve this goal by engaging the community and connecting these families to the resources, information and tools that are vital to a healthy home environment, whether it be their own or a loved one’s. Xay Dung Gia Dinh Lanh Manh “Building Healthy Families” Saturday, October 13, 2012 Breakfast & Registration: 11:30 am Panel & Discussion: 12:00 pm -1:30 pm Lunch and Resource Fair: 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm Franklin McKinley School District Office 645 Wool Creek Drive, San Jose, CA 95112 Panel Speakers: Judge Jacqu…

Democratic Party and Vietnamese-American Voters

Our Bowl of Rice

By Dr. Vinh Cam
I recently had the privilege of attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a delegate from Greenwich.
When people ask why I’m a Democrat, I say that Democratic core values resonate with my heart and mind.
Growing up in a devout Catholic family in Saigon, compassion, love, respect for the elderly, humility, education, sharing and unwavering faith in God were our core family values.
Since a very young age, I believed that poverty and ignorance are the worst diseases on earth.I wanted to devote my life to help people by choosing a career in scientific research and public service, and I believe the Democratic Party is most supportive of those goals.
Having survived centuries of colonialism at the hands of the Chinese and more recently the French, the Vietnamese people have demonstrated tremendous political stamina.The famous Trung Sisters, perched on elephants, led an army of women and men to push …