Friday, June 8, 2012

Ly Tong and His Hunger Strike, Day 13

Ly Tong has stopped sending out his daily recorded message to his friends and families.   This is his 13th day without food and water.   Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese visited Ly Tong yesterday.  

His supporter gathered in front of City Hall to show support over the weekend.   City Councilmember Kansen Chu also visited Ly Tong earlier in the week.  He reported that Ly Tong is weak, his lips are turning purple and black and he lost a lot of weight already.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is Rose Herrera in Trouble?

With election results settled and it is now clear Rose Herrera and Jimmy Nguyen are in the run-off comes November.  The conventional wisdom is that Jimmy Nguyen would have the full support of South Bay Labor,  Supervisor Dave Cortese and of course the Vietnamese-American voters.  

The message is very simple for South Bay Labor and Dave Cortese -  Anybody but the incumbent Rose Herrera.  

And of course the Vietnamese-American voters which make up about 20% of the regitered voters will be mobilized in huge number to vote against Rose Herrera because of her support for Madison Nguyen and vice versa.

So far Jimmy Nguyen has ran a campaign on "I am a blood donor" and that "I help Vietnamese filling out their immigration paper at a local Vietnamese Catholic church".  Of course, he is also a strong Ly Tong's supporter and anything to do with the anti-communist crowd.  

But it worked quite well for he got over 4,000 votes (mostly Vietnamese-Americans) and if he could get the rest of the votes from Labor, we might have an upset in the making. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tam Truong vs. Kansen Chu

With the ardent support of the Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Chuck Reed, Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen,  a host of wealthy PACs as well as the endorsement of the Mercury News,  it was quite a suprise to see that Tam Truong would not make it to the run-off (Based on the results from over half of the precincts counted).    Many people predicted that with 25% of the registered voters are Vietnamese-Americans,  Tam Truong would at least do better than 38%, especially when Rafael Sabic is taking away Kansen Chu's base.  

The strategy was of course to put in a three-way race for  it is usually difficult for any one candidate to win a majority in such a field.    However, the voters in District 4 is a smart bunch and they could smell something funny.   Tam Truong is actually a good candidate, much better than the ill-fated Hon Lien.   He just needs to be a little bit more seasoned and really the sky is the limit for a young and talented candidate like himself.  LSI can see him running for school board, bid his time and run for city council in District 4 in another 4 years from now.  Councilmember Truong does have a nice ring to it.

Completed Precincts 26 of 40
Percent Votes
54.33% 4,427
38.17% 3,110
7.50% 611

Rose Herrera vs. Jimmy Nguyen

Jimmy Nguyen (back) with Tam Truong (front)

With a little more than 50% of the precincts counted,  the incumbent, Rose H. is leading an unknown lawyer Jimmy Nguyen and Patricia Roach Martinez by a substantial margin.  The only question is whether she can gain another 1.09 % point so that she does not have to be in the run-off against Jimmy Nguyen in the fall.

There is a good chance that it will happen since most Vietnamese-Americans use absentee ballots which were counted and posted first.   Jimmy Nguyen's number has steadily decreased from 29.5%. to 28.6% as the precinct ballost cast is taken over in the count.   The night is still young, so let us wait and see.  In the meantime,  it shows how difficult it is to defeat an incumbent.

Completed Precincts 24 of 47
Percent Votes
48.93% 4,144
28.68% 2,429
22.39% 1,896

Long Pham and Dovinh Fighting for Second Place

The election results are slowly pouring in but so far we have the following numbers:

Completed Precincts: 149 of 320

Vote Count Percentage
TROY EDGAR 10,578 28.2%
JOE DOVINH 7,558 20.1%
LONG PHAM 7,410 19.7%
TRAVIS ALLEN 6,759 18.0%
ALBERT AYALA 5,219 13.9%

Chances are good that Joe Dovinh (D) will be in the run-off against Troy Edgar (R).  But we will have to wait and see the final counts.   Another disappointed lost to perennial loser, Long Pham.  Since this is a heavily Republican district, Dovinh has a very small chance in the run-off even though this is stronghold of Vietnamese-American voters.  

LSI can see Ta Duc Tri or Tyler (Diep) Truong to go for this seat in 2018.

The latest update with 3/4 of the precincts counted,  Joe Dovinh is now trailing Travis Allen by a small margin. 

Completed Precincts: 294 of 320

Vote Count Percentage
TROY EDGAR 13,226 28.4%
TRAVIS ALLEN 9,132 19.6%
JOE DOVINH 9,085 19.5%
LONG PHAM 8,610 18.5%
ALBERT AYALA 6,547 14.0%

Katsuni (Katsumi), Porn Super Star

Katsuni was born in 1979 and raised in Lyon, France.  Her real name is Celine Joell Tran.  Her dad is Vietnamese and her mother is French.   She is considered to be "The Top Ten Hottest Porn Star"  and has won 28 best acting awards since entering the adult film industry in 2002.   Some of her movies can be reviewed at

She has not done a movie yet with Tila Tequila Nguyen but wouldn't that be fantastic, two of the most sexy Vietnamese actresses staring in an action movie together.   Tony Bui, LSI hopes that you are reading this.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tam Truong for City Council Is Heating Up

LSI saw this note floating on cyberspace.   This must be a contested election so all the political tricks are being exploited to the max. 

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