Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tyler Diep Failed Bid to Gain His Old Seat

Wesminster City Council this week, appointed former mayor Margie Rice, 83, to the city council seat vacated by Tri Ta.   Tyler Diep was lobbying hard to have a special election so that he could use his $100,000 war chest to win back his city council post. 

He will have to wait until 2014 to try to win the election from either his nemesis Andy Quach or Margie Rice. 

Many Vietnamese-Americans in Little Saigon felt good riddance, first of former assybleman Van Tran and his lieutenant, Tyler Diep.  

There is a fresh air of politics in Little Saigon.   With Dina Nguyen unable to run in 2014 for city council in Garden Grove, the Van Tran's underlings are basically  either out of power or outright and some are distancing themselves from him.   Andy Quach told Quang Pham (the ex-congressional candidate in 2010) that he had not talked to Van Tran after his defeat and he and Van Tran are not close anymore.

So what is next for Wesminster politics -  Is there a pediastrian brigde on Bolsa Avenue in the near future?  This time Andy Quach and Ta Tri would not dare to vote against it.  Actually, Ta Tri was so afraid of Van Tran and Margie Rice that he called in sick on the voting day.   But now as a mayor, Ta Tri knows that the bridge will affect his dream of running for higher office in the future.  Andy Quach's political career is limited to city council so 2014 is a crucial election for him. 


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