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Loretta Sanchez vs. Van Tran

Incumbent US Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez is clearly in a tough election against termed-out State Assemblyman Van Tran for the CD47 this coming November.  Despite having a sizable advantage on campaign money over Van ($1.3 million vs. $280,000), Sanchez so far has not focused and lacks any clear strategy against a masterful campaigner like Van Tran. 

Van Tran has been hitting her hard within the Vietnamese-American community with negative campaign every night on his own radio station.   There are about 12,000 to 14,000 likely Vietnamese-American voters.  This will represent about 10% to 15% of the total votes depending on the turn-out.  Sanchez needs to capture at least 40% of the votes  in order to be competitive against Van Tran considering a very anti-incumbent climate.   She cannot rely on her Hispanic voters for they are unreliable.  The independent voters are likely to favor Van Tran. 

What is her next step to garner some of the Vietnamese-American votes?  The rumor is that s…

Ly Tong As Lady in Red

Ly Tong came to the Dam Vinh Hung concert an  hour before the show began.  Here is a picture of him disguising as lady in red waiting and setting his trap.  Below is the picture of him approaching Dam Vinh Hung giving him a red rose before pulling out the Mace spray.

Dam Vinh Hung Shaken Up After Pepper Spray Incidence

Dam Vinh Hung was not in a good mood after receiving pepper spray from anti-communist activist Ly Tong.  His handlers are worrying about this week concert at Anaheim Arena.   The rumor is that  the extremists will sneak in and hit him with flying shoes, a la George Bush in Bagdad.   The demonstration is expected to be small due to the lack of space in front of the arena.

Meanwhile Ly Tong is in jail waiting for a hearing this Thursday.  He refuses to be bailed out.  He said that he will stay in jail if needed to in order to make a case for freedom and human rights in Vietnam.

Demonstration Against Dam Vinh Hung at Santa Clara Convention Center

Dam Vinh Hung, a very popular singer from Vietnam, is doing his annual concert tour in North America.  He was in San Jose over the weekend and  performed at the Santa Clara Convention Center last night.  The event was sold out with all 600 tickets sold.  His concert in San Jose (November 2009) was also a big hit. Dam Vinh Hung has been doing worldwide concert since 2004. Since he is from Vietnam, the critics from the anti-communist folks in the Vietnamese-American community have claimed that he is a cultural agent of the government trying to spread communist propaganda.

By 5:00 PM yesterday,  there was a large contigent of demonstrators (about 350 people) gathered in front of the convention center with their flags and slogans.   US Congressman Joseph Cao (R) from New Orleans was also there to give support.

The Santa Clara police department charged the concert organizer an extra $11,000 for crowd control and security.  Apparently, the additional 15 policemen did not deter Ly Tong, an …

Minh Duong vs. Madison Nguyen, Round 1

For two straight weeks, our mailbox was flooded with email from Charlie Ly and Tuong Pham about the San Jose City Election Commission meeting on July 14 to determine whether candidate for city council Minh Duong had violated city campaign disclosure for his 2008 campaign. The complaint was filed by District 8 resident Robert Sandoval, a Madison Nguyen supporter.

The main theme of the multiple emails to media as well as many Vietnamese-American email groups was that Minh Duong violated the law and if convicted, he would unequivocally be disqualified from the 2010 election.

In the interest of the Vietnamese-American community that has been bombarded with campaign misinformation,  LSI attended the hearing.  The complaint was about Minh Duong’s failure to disclose an unpaid bill to his consultant during his 2008 campaign for city council. The law requires contributions and expenditures to be documented. The unpaid bill is currently a subject of a civil lawsuit. Duong claimed that the bill…

Vinh Hoi Bay Resort & Outrigger Hotels

Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Asia signed an agreement with developer Vietnamese American Hotel and Resort Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of American company ITC Spectrum, LLC, to co-design and manage a luxury resort to be built along the central coast of Vietnam. The Outrigger Vinh Hoi Bay Resort and Spa will be part of the fully integrated Vinh Hoi Bay Golf Resort being constructed on 325 hectares with four other hotels along a 1.6-mile secluded white sand beach five miles north of Quy Nhon in Binh Dinh province.

"We look forward to being a part of what is sure to become Vietnam's most recognized resort destination," said Darren Edmonstone, Outrigger's senior vice president for Asia.

Outrigger, a family-owned company with more than 60 years of hospitality experience, said its participation is included in an agreement signed with developer Vietnamese American Hotel and Resort Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the American company ITC Spectrum LLC.