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Wesminster Hit Piece Against Andy Quach, Tyler Diep, Bruce Tran

LSI readers received this hit piece their mailboxes the other day.

The Strong Emergence of Vietnamese-American Democrat

In a mid-year election cycle where the Republican Party is expected to win the majority of the races, a funny thing transpires in Little Saigon Orange County and the politics within the enclave of this once dominant Republican bastion. 

Democrat Phu Nguyen,  a first time candidate is basically in a tie with his Republican opponent, Allan Mansoor, to succeed Republican Van Tran in California’s 68th Assembly District.  This district has traditionally been a Republican seat.   However, according to the latest poll by Tulchin Research as reported here,

Nguyen’s overwhelming lead among Vietnamese American voter’s puts him in a position to win in this district because of the expected large number of likely voters are Vietnamese-Americans.   In addition, Phu Nguyen has received strong supports of big names Democrat politicians like Lou Corerra, Loretta Sanchez as well as powerful groups like f…