Friday, October 19, 2012

Romney Leading Obama Among Viet-American Voters

Just out of sheer luck as Asian-American Poll Media was doing some polling projects, the foundation was gracious enough to do an unofficial survey for LSI to see what is the presidential election landscape within the Viet-American community in the Bay Area in general.  

The unofficial survey was done with 235 likely voters in Santa Clara County.   The result is not surprisingly in favor of Romney at 54% vs. Obama at 44%.   This of course is propably the reverse of the general electorate in the Santa Clara and elsewhere in California where Obama is so overwhelming ahead that neither Romney or Obama even show up to campaign.

The fun race to watch is in Virginia where the Asian-American voters will help decide a very close race for the 13 electoral votes.  Romney are actively courting the Asian-American voters there while Obama is focusing on the Latino voting bloc.    In 2008,  the retiring Senator Jim Webb won a close election with the help of the Vietnamese-American voters who turned in drove to support a Democratic candidate in a heavily Republic leaning district.   Of course, it did not hurt that Webb's wife is a young and good looking Vietnamese-American lawyer who is almost 2 decades his junior.


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