Sunday, November 13, 2016

Jimmy Nguyen Takes An Aggressive Stance

The election for city council in San Jose City  D8 is taking an interest tone after Election Day.   With still about 7,000 to 8,000 ballots left to count,  Sylvia Arenas has taken a 51 votes lead.   On Election Night, she started out with a 730 votes deficit.  The trend has been in her favorite as the Hispanic tends not to vote with absentee ballot.

One of Jimmy Nguyen's advisors,  Bryan Do, the same person who ran City Councilmember Manh Nguyen's campaign, advised him on strategies on how to maneuver the  ROV to their advantage.  Recently, he and Manh Nguyen went through a painful process with the recount in which Lan Diep won.

Nguyen took it to heart and decided to take an aggressive stance against in-coming ballots for the last 3 day.   He and his team are camping out at the ROV and starting to canvassing and  challenge ballots already.

It is quite unusual to do this since ROV is still the process of their normal counting ballots.   Yet Jimmy is putting pressure and gaming the ROV as if this is a recount procedure.

Arenas was caught by surprised  and vividly upset  by this development so she send out an email on Facebook to her supporters -

Today, I brought my kids to the Registrar of Voters office and to my surprise I found that my opponent Jimmy Nguyen had been challenging District 8 ballots for several hours. It was painful that my son had to see this.
The majority of challenged ballots are directed specifically towards latino voters. This kind of targeting is not only offensive, but a racially charged manner of maneuvering the system.
It's discouraging that Jimmy Nguyen has personally resorted to this method now that he has lost the lead.

I was down over 500 votes when the first results were shown, but I never even thought of trying to suppress votes. I ran a fair campaign. My team and I worked hard to win and serve, no schemes necessary to get a win, just honest work and dedication.

I want to thank my team, my family, all of my supporters and the voters for exercising their right. We continue to work and do what we have to do to get this victory so that District 8 has a quality Councilmember to represent them.

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