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Latest Numbers on Absentee Ballots

For those who are keeping track of the recall election -

8851 absentee ballots so far were received by the Santa Clara County Registrar Office. The people from both Nguyen's camp and the Recall Team indicated that a little bit more than 50% are from Vietnamese American voters and the rest are split between Hispanics, Whites and other Asians. Vietnamese Americans compose about 28% of the population in District 7.

Nguyen's camp is worried because the Vietnamese-American voters will tend not to favor her. Their large turn-out as expected is not what she wanted.

Some of the Hispanic voters who already voted are motivated against her since there is no reason for them to keep her in office for what she had done against them on the GI Forum and not done for them on crime issues. But the more fundamental motive is why would they want Nguyen to be in office when they can have a Hispanic to replace her?

The White voters are motivated against the community, and if you believe the hundred of …

Voter Disfranchisement Attempt By Nguyen's Campaign

Yesterday, in a prerecorded talk show on AM 1500 conducted by the pro - Madison Nguyen camp (Vien Thao Media), the talk show host had a woman calling in and identifying herself as a social case worker of the Santa Clara County Social Service. The woman declared that whoever voted in this election against Madison Nguyen (or for the recall) will have social assistance terminated. She identified herself as Nga Nguyen. She called in again to the show 10 minutes after her first call and reiterated the fact the same threat.

The prerecorded talk show was being replayed this afternoon on AM 1500. The Recall Team's has their lawyer sent in a letter to the DA's office and county supervisors demanding an investigation on voter disfranchisment by Madison Nguyen. The lawyer also sent the letter to the station manager demanding a cease and desist.

The Recall Team plan to have press conference in front of City Hall tomorrow (Thursday, Feb 26).

Nguyen's $10,000 for Make-Up and Electronic Buying Spree

In 2006, running unopposed (she was the only one on the ballot), Nguyen decided to spend her campaign money on the following items as reported on her 460:

$2,500 - personal make-up

$4,125 - Circuit City

$3,835 - Fry's Electronic

$1,087 - Target Store

When asked for the detail of such exorbant expenditure for a campaign that was unopposed, her treasurer, Son Nguyen (the controversial owner of bankrupt Nha Magazine) said he did not remember and did not keep the receipts.

LSI hopes that he still has the receipts because by law, they have to be kept at least for 5 years.

It is against the law according to FPPC regulation:

" Improper expenditure of campaign contributions such as, but not limited to, using campaign funds for personal use instead of for a legitimate political, legislative, or governmental purposes"

Why Hispanics Cannot Stand Madison Nguyen

As everybody in the Hispanic community knows in 2006, Nguyen tried to purposedly bankrupt American GI Forum by refusing to grant them a rezoning in order to attain a licence for weekend event usage at their facility on Story Road. The rezoning was negotiated before Nguyen took office by other city councilmembers trying to save the financially strap AGIF. Without the rezoning, AGIF would not be able to generate the necessary revenue to keep their facility as well as their own operation. Abel Cota, the then head of AGIF put it:"She tried to put us out business because we happened to support Linda Nguyen in the last election".
AGIF was established more than half a century ago to support Hispanic veterans. The organization was so angry at Nguyen's vendetta that they put up a huge banner in front of their facility on Story Road (see picture).
Luckily for AGIF, a Vietnamese-American woman decided to purchase their facility above the asking price and leased it back to AGIF for …

Update on Madison Nguyen's Election

The absentee number as being pulled from the Santa Clara County Registrar office shows:

7,320 ballots received since Friday. A very large majority came from Vietnamese-Americans and the rest are from the mixture of Whites, Hispanics and others.

There are over 10,000 Vietnamese-American voters. In the last election, 75% Vietnamese-American voted absentee with 65% turn-out.

LSI will pull two sets of numbers this week to keep the public update.

Rumor has it that an official poll conducted by Labor showed a 20% separation between the two camps. LSI doubt it if there is such huge spread. It will be close race with about 10,000 - 10,500 votes total.

Whatever the case may be, the recall team is working very hard since they are behind in the eight ball in regards to money, manpower and mainstream media. It is David and Goliath. With such huge advantage, the conventional wisdom is Nguyen will win. Labor has mobilized their massive force from all over the Bay Area for the last 4 weeks to overwh…