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A Christmas Spirit

Otto Lee, former mayor and current city councilmember of Sunnyvale, is being deployed in Iraq for a year long. Lee is naval reservist with a rank of commander. He has spent 19 years as part of the Naval Reserve service. He is an intellectual lawyer by training and has two young daughters.

What made the story more special is because of his special link to the Vietnamese-American community who had supported him in the race for supervisor. It was a race that both candidates, Otto Lee and Dave Cortese, actively courted the community. Cortese won because of his deeper root in the community but Lee won their heart. To show apprecation for Lee, the same people from the Vietnamese-American community who supported Cortese will have nice going away party/fund raising for him and his family.

Cortese is invited to the party.

Otto’s Going-Away fundraising Party on:

December 27, 2008, Saturday (5:30pm – 8:00pm)Fu Lam Mum restaurant - 650-967-1688153 Castro StreetMountain View, CA 94041

December 28, 2008…

The Unaccountability of Madison Nguyen

What do Kathy Coles, Doris Allen and Madison Nguyen share in common? Well, they are some of the few women legislatures in California history being recalled by their own constituents. Both Coles and Allen were successfully recalled while Nguyen is on the verge. In 1995, Kathy Coles, San Jose District 8 councilwoman, was recalled for making insensitive remarks toward Asian Americans, specifically Indo-Americans and Chinese-Americans. In the same year, the first woman Speaker in California State Assembly history, Doris Allen, was recalled by her own Republican Party for voting along with the powerful Democratic AssemblymanWillie Brown.

But what makes Nguyen recall different is the fact that she is unaccountable for her actions in secret dealings with wealthy developers and special interest groups in a culture of behind the scene deal cutting and coverup. So far, Nguyen has refused to answers many questions raised by the community despite the fact that emails from her and her staff clearly…

Trinh, Nguyen and Their Pop Culture

Raymon Trinh or otherwise known as Bobby Trendy is made famous by the larger than life Ana Nicole Smith on her realilty show (2000- 2004). He was hired as her personal interior designer and soon everybody knew his name. Specializing in custom furniture and interior design, his business became part of the Hollywood circle and gained famous clients including Catherine Zeta Jones, Janet Jackson, Cypress Hill and Snoop Doggy Dog.

A Valencia native, he claimed the name "Bobby Trendy" was his nick name in high school when people noted the trendy clothing he always wore. He is now starring in Fox Reality's Gimme My Reality Show!

Tila Nguyen, aka Tila Tequila, is the face of Vietnamese by heritage and blond by choice, she is the most popular person on with over 2.5 million friends and counting. She has her own MTV's reality show and of course since the debut on Dec.2, her self-help book is ranked number 5,418 on This made her the most succe…