Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Joseph Cao Raised Over $30,000

Last Friday, the Vietnamese-American community in Houston, home of Democratic State Representative Hubert Vo (the first Vietnamese-American elected into a state legislature), raised ~ $30,650 to support Congressman Joseph Cao. It was a sold out event even though Cao could not come. In his place, his wife and two young daughters were given the honor of receiving the generosity of the community.

In contrast to the two fund raising events hosted by Assemblyman Van Tran and his political machine in southern California earlier in the year where hardly anybody showed up, the Houston event was a huge success. In California, Cao managed to raise enough money to cover his airfare.

What does this mean to Van Tran's credibility and his ability to raise money within his own community?

Hubert Vo of course is the political leader of the Vietnamese-American community in Houston. His victory over a powerful Republican incumbent in 2004 was one of the greatest upsets in the history of Texas politics. May be this is why the people in Houston could appreciate an underdog like Joseph Cao more than the Vietnamese-American community in OC?

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