Friday, May 25, 2018

Phong La for Alameda County Assessor

Of all the Vietnamese-American  candidates running for offices in California, Phong La is running a rather quiet campaign within the Vietnamese-American community.

His county covers a 14 cities including Oakland with a population of  over 1.6 million.   The county assessor  is not usually a highly contested seat.  It is not unusual for an incumbent to serve decades in office.  The seat is open after the incumbent decided to retire after 17 years.

Phong La is running against two other candidates.  He has the backing of Alameda County Democratic Party and over 50 elected officials from US representatives, state-elected officials, county-elected officials to mayors and council members.

He is both a tax lawyer and a co-owner of a machine  & metal shop (with his family). 

With the demographics of 43% White, 27% Asian-American, 12% Black and 22% Hispanic, his chance of winning is very high since the other two candidates will split the White vote.

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