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The Challeng of Pham X Quang

With the decision to enter the race for CD 47 as a Republican a month ago, Quang X Pham is now facing the first test – Can he raise enough money to make his campaign credible?

For the Republican primary race in June against current State Assemblyman Van Tran, he will need to raise about $500,000 to be competitive. With Tran raised about $175,000 so far for the primary, Pham is a pragmatist and he will no doubt either meet the challenge or drop out.

Tran raised $250,000 but about $75,000 is for the general election against Sanchez. A lot of his long time supporters and family members (Tran’s siblings who are in the medical fields) gave $4,800 per person with half to the primary, the other half to the general election.

Quang X Pham has the credibility as an ex-Marine pilot, an author, a successful businessman and has a natural Vietnamese-American base from the many Vietnamese-American veterans (his dad was a pilot) and the Vietnamese-American voting base of County Supervisor Janet Nguyen. …


July 13, 2009

CONTACTS: Fiona Chan, PG&E, External Communications (415) 973-7835
Lingxia Meng/Gwendolyn Mitchell, County of Santa Clara,
Office of Public Affairs (408) 299-5130

This Saturday July 18, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

PG&E and Santa Clara County will distribute free energy saving fluorescent bulbs at the following two locations

Ocean Supermarket, 2 S. Park Victoria Dr, Milpitas

Lion Supermarket 1710 Tully Road, San Jose.

Van Tran for Senate in 2012

LSI received this URL last week but was travelling so did not have a chance to post it.

Apparently State Assemblyman Van Tran is planning to run for State Senate in 2012. This is a recently filing of Form 410 by Tran and and David Bauer (his treasurer) on 7/7/09.

Tran is a very calculated politician so it is not suprising that he is covering all of the bases just in case. Rumor since last Friday that Tran already raised $250,000 for his war chest against Sanchez and Pham.