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Keith Khoa Nguyen and Scott Hung Pham both Resigned

In a strange coincidental set of circumstances, Keith Khoa Nguyen and Scott Hung Pham both resigned recently from their respective school boards.   Nguyen resigned last month from Franklin Mckinley School District while Pham did the same with Alum Rock Union School District in early August.  Both were elected in 2010.  

Betty Duong, a one time aide to former Assemblyman Joe Coto, was lobbying hard for the appointment but the board chose a Hispanic candidate instead  despite the fact that school district has 25% Vietnamese-American students.

Keith Khoa Nguyen also left his position as policy analyst for Mayor Chuck Reed earlier this year.  Nguyen decided to leave politics for now is a suprise since he had talked about running for District 7 city council  in 2014.

While the dust has not settled at all for the 2012 election cycle, the conventional wisdom has it that the policeman Tam Truong is planning his next political move in District 7 to replace his close friend Madison Nguyen in …

Agent Orange and Vietnam: 35 years later

Jimmy Nguyen vs Rose Herrera according to Mercury News

Mercury News editorial: Attacks on Rose Herrera are scarier than crime in San Jose Mercury News Editorial Posted: 10/03/2012 04:48:21 PM PDT It's tempting to dismiss the cutthroat campaign against San Jose Councilwoman Rose Herrera in District 8 as business-as-usual politics. But when misleading information is presented in a sensational fashion by police officers, it's different. The police union has a right to get involved in politics. But actions that might be all right for other unions are troubling for officers who need the public's trust to do the job. If Herrera loses this election, Evergreen and San Jose will lose. Regardless, the police union is losing something in this campaign. The police union hates Herrera. There's no other way to put it. We hope voters see through the scare tactics that imply she is single-handedly to blame for the uptick in crime, particularly burglaries, in San Jose. The fact that burglaries are up everywhere along the Highway 101 corridor…

Unofficial Poll for Jimmy Nguyen and Rose Herrera

LSI asked Asian American Poll Media, LLC to do an unofficial poll for the exciting  San Jose District 8 city council race.  

The conventional wisdom indicates that this will be a close race despite Jimmy Nguyen, a relatively unknown and inexperience candidate, running against an incumbent that is mostly staying out of trouble ever since she was elected 4 years ago. 

The reason is mostly personal vendetta from labor unions and Supervisor Dave Cortese against Rose Herrera for she is taking a pension reform position aligning with Mayor Chuck Reed.   Of course, Cortese and Reed are fierce political enemies since 2006 mayoral election.

The survey was done with 235 likely voters with an error of  +/-  4%.  Voters were selected across the diverse ethnic groups that made up the electorate of District 8.    According to poll taken for the week of Sept 25 - Sept 29,   50% will most likely vote for Herrera, 42% for Nguyen, and 8% undecided.

From the poll,  it will be a closely contested race …