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Andrew Do Wins by 43 Votes

It is finally over.  All the votes have been counted and the former Garden Grove City Councilmember and deputy DA won by 43 votes over the former State Senator Lou Correa.

What is next?   A recount will unlike change the result and it just drags the process another 2  weeks.  Correa still has a lot of money left in the campaign fund so he can afford the $2,400 per day cost.

Or he can save the money and effort to run against Do in 2016.

County Supervisor First District, Short TermCompleted Precincts: 101 of 101Vote CountPercentageANDREW DO18,90539.1%LOU CORREA18,86239.0%CHRIS PHAN7,85716.3%CHUYEN VAN NGUYEN1,8793.9%LUPE MORFIN-MORENO8341.7%* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

The Lotus and The Storm

Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez

Cordially Invite You to Meet Vietnamese American Guest Author Lan Cao
Author of "The Lotus and The Storm”
The event will feature a raffle for the first 50 guests, musical performance, and a question and answer session.

Saturday, February 7, 2015
Program 2 – 3 PM
Reception 3 - 4 PM
At Le Petit Trianon Theatre
72 N. 5th Street, San Jose, CA 95112

To RSVP, please access

San Jose D8 City Council 2016 Race Already?

About  two weeks ago,  Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese and his wife, Pattie, came to the swearing-in ceremony for Cam Van Le to be the new board president of  East Side Union High School District.   Afterward, he asked her to go out for coffee at a later date to catch up.

Of course, the news  quickly went viral in the Viet community that Pattie Cortese is planning her bid for city council.  The community always has a soft spot for Dave and his wife for all their supports of the community during the last 8 years.  So it was a welcoming rumor. 

And soon enough,  Pattie is appointed as the new school board trustee to fill the seat vacated by now City Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco. 

The conventional wisdom of this new appointment is that both Lan Nguyen and Cam Van Le will not be running for city council in 2016.  They would not vote for Pattie if they decided to have a run at the council seat. 

Cam Van is still smarting over the council race lost to Attorney Tam Nguyen.…

Androw Do's Lead Widens

With only 1264 provisional ballots left, Andrew Do has widened his lead over Lou Correa since yesterday.  He is leading by 239 votes now instead of 2 votes.    The trend is not looking good for Lou Correa.   The provisional ballot is set for counting tomorrow morning.  

Will there be a recount? 

County Supervisor First District, Short TermCompleted Precincts: 101 of 101
Vote CountPercentageANDREW DO18,23039.3%LOU CORREA17,99138.8%CHRIS PHAN7,59216.4%CHUYEN VAN NGUYEN1,8063.9%LUPE MORFIN-MORENO8001.7%* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

The Election Breakdown for OC Supervisor D1 Race

The race will not be decided until later this week or beyond depending if there is a recount request or not.   However, the preliminary numbers give an insight into why Lou Correa is behind Andrew Do for now.

LSI will try to dissect the voting demographics as being reported  -

Vietnamese-American - 46%
Hispanic - 17%
Republican - 41%
Democrat - 37%
Independent - 22%

The interesting number is that even though Viet-American registered voters only constitute about 25% of the total registered voters, in this special election, they made up close to half of the total vote casted.

Andrew Do would have trounced Lou Correa if the Viet-American votes were not split between the three Viet-American candidates.   

Andrew Do Ahead By 2 Votes (For Now)

What an amazing result for the OC supervisorial race to replace State Senator Janet Nguyen.  The special election was expected to be a close one but who could have imagined this razor thin margin of victory.

County Supervisor First District, Short TermCompleted Precincts: 101 of 101Vote CountPercentageANDREW DO16,20239.0%LOU CORREA16,20039.0%CHRIS PHAN6,76516.3%CHUYEN VAN NGUYEN1,6203.9%LUPE MORFIN-MORENO7341.8%* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

The former Garden Grove City Councilmember and deputy DA Andrew Do (R) was trailing former State Senator Lou Correa (D) all night long, at one point by 320 votes. But in the end, the voters pulled through for him.

He would have won this election outright if it was not for the other two Vietnamese-American candidates divided the Vietnamese-American votes.  The Democratic Party with their bogus candidate Chuyen Nguyen almost executed their plan of divide and conquer perfectly.

State Senator Janet Nguyen was at Andrew's election nigh…

Tet Flower Festival - Feb 7-8

There are 3 Tet festivals in San Jose this year to celebrate the Lunar  New Year.   They are spread out in three different weekends in Feb.  The first one is the Tet Flower Festival on Feb. 7 - 8 at Yerba Buena High School.  The other Tet Festival is the weekend after at the Santa Clara County Fairground.  And the last one is on Feb. 28 at Kelly Park.

San Jose City Councilmember Ash Kalra for State Assembly 2016