Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Career Workshop at SJSU

Discussion About Career Paths in Globalization Era
If you are a parent, a student, a professional who cares about the followings:
How to prepare and land on a right job for the future
How to advance in the current employment
Select the right career path suitable for the globalization trend
Case studies in career handling situations
Tour of state-of-the art labs at SJSU

And more …
You are cordially invited to join us in the
Q&A and Panel Session
Organized by the Youth Development Group and VietMentor with the following

Speakers and Panelists:
Tuoc Vinh Luong – Senior VP, Yahoo! Search – Keynote Speaker
Tri Tran – Senior Advisor, Department of Energy, USA
Nga Vu –President 2007-2008, Cisco Asian Affinity Network; Senior Manager, Cisco Systems Inc.
Kim Anh Vu – Director of Student Services, Oak Grove School District, San Jose
Huyen-Nhung Le – Adjunct Faculty of Vietnamese Language, SJSU & K-12 Educator,
Parkview School
Luc T. Nguyen – Sr. Manager National Technical Services, Tellabs & Adjunct Faculty, SJSU
Antoine Duong – Sr. Strategic Alliances Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

San José State University, Room E-345, third floor, Engineering Building
(corner of 6th and San Fernando Street)
Sunday June 7, 2009
1:30pm: Reception 2pm: Event begins
FREE Parking available at garage structure at the corner of 4th St. and San Fernando St.

The Organizing Committee:

Christopher Hoang Pham, Nhan Van Luu (SJSU) – Bick Nguyen (P. Bick Nguyen & Associates) – Gam Vu Nguyen (EVC) – Trung Ngoc Ngo, Trung Khuong Huynh, Ha Thanh Nguyen, Cao Trung Nguyen, Viet Dai Hoang (YDG) – Michelle Mai (Asian American
Recovery Services) –Lena Pham-Tran (UC Santa Cruz) –Canh Van Nguyen (Stanford University, Founder & Advisor YDG)

Sponsored by:
Youth Development Group & VietMentor, San Jose State University, Professor Thuy Trong Le,
EE/SJSU, Vietica Inc., San Jose Library

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Media Changes in The Original Little Saigon

So here is the latest of the changing landscape of Vietnamese-American media in OC.

Dinh quang Anh Thai is leaving Little Saigon Radio to be with Nguoi Viet Newspaper. Nguoi Viet's Bao Anh is losing her grip further of the newspaper (She was never in control to begin with and she was hoping her husband would be able to. But they both are now "one foot in another foot out"). NV also lost two brightest reporters to a new start-up. This new daily newspaper will directly challenge Nguoi Viet with its multimillion dollars backing. It will take about $400,00 to $500,000 (first year) to start a decent newspaper. Whether Hao Nhien will join them or not will depend on the Hao Nhien's independent streak.

Viet Weekly keeps promoting that they will become Viet Daily soon but the controversial newspaper is just hanging on. Their dream of challenging Nguoi Viet is all but gone. Their 5 ads from Vietnam is dwindling down. Majority of the ads are from Vietnam government owned enterprises (i.e., Vietnam Airline, Vinamilk). The ads were attained from Nguyen cong Khe, the ex- editor in chief of Thanh Nien Magazine, the second largest magazine in Vietnam and of course Communist Party owned. At that time, Khe took it upon himself to help Viet Weekly when the anti-communist supporters decided to take issue with Viet Weekly's articles praising the communist government. With Khe being out of favor(as the Communist Party recently shook up the political power in Ho chi Minh City) and lost his position, Viet Weekly also feels the affect.

Little Saigon Radio in Little Saigon is not doing too well in the economic downturn. There will be benefits cut back since Mai Khanh's escrow business is also hurting and she cannot afford to support both media enterprises (Viet Tide and LSR). Viet Tide is on the block again. The money losing weekly newspaper has not made a single dime since its inception more than a decade ago.

Both Viet Bao and Nguoi Viet are making money still. Viet Bao's husband and wife team of course are much smarter by staying out of controversy. Vien Dong News paper is marching on with no financial worry since the owner has so much money leftover from the stint at Nguoi Viet.

And life goes on in Little Saigon whether it is good time or bad time. This community has seen it all in the last 34 years. Nevertheless, LSI do wish Quynh Trang would be back in the media for she could have done something great. " Time it was, and what a time it was. A time of innocence, a time of confidences..."

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