Friday, October 8, 2010

Van Tran Desparately Forcing Janet Nguyen To Endorse Him

LSI received this email trail by State AssemblymanVan Tran asking Trung Nguyen (the Photoshop Candidate) and Lan Nguyen (Van's henchman who called Janet Nguyen communist) to distribute to everybody right away.  It announced a press conference to be hold by Janet Nguyen with Van Tran.  This is of course with the anticipation to announce her support for Van Tran

The only problem is that County Supervisor Chair Janet Nguyen was not informed and she is up to now has not plan to neither do any press conference with Van Tran nor alone calling a pressing conference for Van Tran

Janet Nguyen is being forced by Republican leaders into endorsing Van Tran.  She needs their money for her campaign in 2012.   She is well recognized in D47 with the Vietnamese-American voters as well as mainstream voters.  Of course she has much higher favorable rating than Van Tran.

Van Tran has a 39% unfavorable rating in D47.   Van Tran is forcing her hand with his dirty politics, basically blackmail her into endorsing him

However, this kind of game might back fire with the voters, especially with Vietnamese-American voters who will make up about 12% of the votes in November.  They either vote against Van Tran or don't go to vote for he brings such bad taste in their mouth.

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To: George Andrews

Cc: Nguyen Quoc Lan ; VVV ; Trung Quang Nguyen ; Phat Luu ; minhgiang pham

Sent: Fri, October 8, 2010 3:22:20 PM

Subject: Re: Media Advisory: OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen to Hold Press Availability with Congressional Candidate Van Tran (CA-47)

Attached is a "little" Friday Surprise for all of you. PleAd distribuw far and wide ASAP, in time for tomorrow event at 9:00 am

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