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Quyen Di Receives Asian Heritage Award

News from UCLA Website -

The American Heritage Society and the County of San Diego has selected Quyen Di Chuc Bui to receive the 2016 Asian Heritage Award for Innovation for going beyond the area of expertise in presenting his work in a new and exciting way. “As lecturer in the UCLA Department of Asian Languages, you have been lauded as a teacher of teachers in the way you not only teach the language but in how you teach others to do the same.” See Details:

State Assembly D27 Race - Ash Kalra, Madison Nguyen and Others

Spring is in the air  and the Vietnamese-American community is finally settled down to their usual routine after two  fun-filled Tet Festival weekends.   Now their attention is shifting to a highly anticipated race for the vacated state Assembly D27 seat.   With three Vietnamese-American candidates vying for the same seat against three Hispanic and an Indian-American candidates, the race reflects the increasingly ethnic dominant politics in the Bay Area.

According to the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters, there are about 159,000 registered voters in D27.  The citizen with voting age is about 240,000.  The party affiliation is 46% Democratic, 19% Republican and 31% No Party Reference.

The district encompasses San Jose's eastern and southeastern neighborhood, including downtown.   Basically it covers all of San Jose D8, D7 and D5, most of D3, about half of D2 and a small part of D6.

The three largest voting groups in the district are Hispanic, White and Vietnamese with about …