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Van Tran and Ability To Raise Money?

In a recent post by the Rose Institute for their analysis of  the  2010 congressional battleground in California, a listing of 8 races that are potential be in play.

Here are the excerpts -

.... Several seats could potentially be in play in California in 2010; this post will examine these potentially competitive races by assessing the current financial health of each campaign (both incumbents and their challengers). The post will look at eight potential 2010 battleground districts. While none are yet clear takeover opportunities for either party, some of them could develop into very competitive races. The races were deemed potentially competitive based on three factors. (1) the race was competitive in 2008, (2) the incumbent won the last election by a narrow margin, or (3) either the Democrats or Republicans have targeted the race. A race is deemed to be targeted if a candidate has been identified as part of (a) the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)’s Frontline Progra…