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Madison Nguyen & Public Safety Committee

When talking to the community, Councilmember Madison Nguyen always points to the fact that she is the chair of the San Jose City Public Safety Committee. She also emphasizes that she is a member of Reed's Gang Prevention Task Force (with a $4.3 million budget for gang prevention). And in her flyers to people of District 7, she boasted her record of crime fighting while bringing job and economic prosperity to her community.

That takes us to a recent development in the fierce campaign for her political life.
The Merc's article titled" San Jose falls to 4th safest big city" written in December 8, 2008 pointed out that -

"Officials blame the increase in violent crime in large part on a spike of gang violence......"

" Other data revealed that assaults in San Jose increased by nearly 7%..."

"Bobby Lopez, president of the San Jose Police Officer's Association, said there were 8,000 reported robberies last year in San Jose but the department investiga…

Tuyet Nguyet and "Arts of Asia"

This is an amazing story of one woman's love of the art and dedication to her culture. The magazine founded by Tuyet Nguyet almost 40 years ago introduces Asian arts to a worldwide audience at an unprecedent level. It is now an indispensible magazine to art collectors in over 80 countries as well as a valuable source of reference for students of the arts. Some back issues of the magazine themselves also have become collector items Her trailblazing effort gains her as one of the most respected people in the world of international museums and private galleries

Mayor Reed Predicts Nguyen to Win

The community is buzzing with Mayor Reed's prediction that Nguyen would win when asked by the Merc after last week conference by the Recall Team. Reed made the prediction with confidence and LSI would not blame him. The vast resources and supports Nguyen is receiving make her a concensus favorite. Nguyen has powerful elected officials, wealthy developers, influential lobbyist and hundreds of members of South Bay Labor Unions to help her. She also unites the two most powerful but opposite political forces in the Bay area in her corner - Mayor Reed and South Bay Labor Unions under the leadership of Cindy Chavez.

It is not a secret that Reed and Chavez personally could not stand being in the same room together. But the two have many things in common, more than they would care to admit. Both political careers were greatly influenced by Ron Gonzales. Chavez's political career was paved for by Gonzales (Even though she would never admit it according to Gonzales). Reed's ascendin…

Sam Liccardo Supporting the Recall of Nguyen?

Two weeks ago, Councilmember Liccardo was walking the precinct with South Bay Labor Unions in support of the anti-recall on El Cajon Dr. In an awkward moment, he ran into the recall team walking in the same block. The leader of the team politely asked him (Well, more like calling him out). To not causing anymore embarassment than necessary, LSI would just report that the leader basically asked in the context - "What is going on, we thought you think Madison Nguyen is deserving it and wish that she would go away." Liccardo did not answer directly and walked away mumbling some excuses.

In today's Tet Parade, in front of mostly an anti-Madison Nguyen crowd and recall signs, he announced he is one of the greatest supporters of the community. According to the organizers (who are recall suporters), he only agreed to attend the parade under one condition, he would only stand on the podium addressing the crowd and would not take part in the traditional riding of the car with othe…