Saturday, December 1, 2018

A Bitter Lost for Janet Nguyen

It is now official after more than 3 long agonizing weeks for Janet Nguyen.  It is a bitter defeat and she  has not even bother to call Tom Umberg to congratulate.    Umberg two days ago declared victory without Nguyen conceding.  The final tally is:

Orange County

118,125  - Janet Nguyen (R)

118,123 - Tom Umberg (D)

LA County

16,939 - Tom Umberg (D)

13,848 - Janet Nguyen (R)

She lost by 3,089 votes after she was ahead by more than 18,000 votes on election day.   According to her inner circle,  she is quite upset with the defeat and somewhat regretful of things that could have been done otherwise during the campaign.  She just turn 42 a few days ago so she is young and definitely will make a political comeback.   This is after all the land of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon who are well known for their political comebacks.

Nguyen and Umberg in 2022 rematch?

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