Thursday, December 29, 2016

An Imperfect ROV

With second recount progressing onto the 7th day,  a finding of 31 disqualified ballots were tallied by mistake has given Jimmy Nguyen's camp another set of grievances to take this election to court.  The ROV admitted the mistake but there is no recourse since it is too late to determine  which ballots are for which candidate.  In an election of that separated by 68 votes, every ballot counts.

Sylvia Arenas is starting her job next week along with Lan Diep.   It will be the first time that SJC will have two seating councilmembers serving while the election results are being contested.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Recount Day 6 at ROV

Jimmy Nguyen, candidate for SJC Council D8, is still at it.  Strategically, the recount is now focusing at duplicate ballots and spoiled" ballots.  Nguyen  is expected to end the recount this Friday unless there are unexpected issues.

He so far has challenged about 150 VBM ballots.  Out of the challenged VBM ballots,  there are 79 voters whom he claimed were disenfranchised since their votes did not count because of the different signature on file.   He actually tracked them down and asked them to sign a statement demanding the ROV to count their votes for him.

The ROV declined to consider such statement since election law prevents the ROV from considering extrinsic evidence and documents.

If he cannot convince the ROV to overturn some of the results based on his finding, he will likely take the case to court.