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The Baffling Actions of Manh Nguyen and his handler Bryan Do

Lan Diep draws first blood in his bid for D4 city council seat. He lost by 13 votes to Manh Nguyen less than a year ago in a special election.
Unlike Councilmember Tam Nguyen who is well liked in the Vietnamese-American community, Councilmember Manh Nguyen is a polarizing figure. And of course, he always has to defend the question that whether Bryan Do, his handler, is the one that really running the show and not him.
LSI received this letter along with documents from a former aide of Manh Nguyen. This is nothing new but to confirm persistent rumors. Lan Diep's chance of winning the seat is a long shot but at least he is taking it to his opponent. 

To Whom It May Concern:
This year Councilmember Nguyen will once again be asking the voters of District 4 to choose him as their Council representative. As the voters consider whether or not to reelect Manh Nguyen, it is critical that they make an informed evaluation of the…

Tet Festival in San Jose

Tet Festival 2016 is a team project of Vietnamese Voluntary Foundation (VIVO).
VISION: Celebrating traditional and modern Vietnamese culture to unite, empower and inspire youth, families and communities. MISSION: Providing a fresh and dynamic way to bring together entertainment, volunteerism, food, art, activities to celebrate the love and appreciation of culture NEW YEAR DATE: The holiday, which is 1st day of lunar year calendar. For 2016, the actual date is Feb 8, 2016 FESTIVAL DATE: Feb 21, 2016. 10am-9pm LOCATION: Evergreen Valley High School. 3300 Quimby Road. San Jose, CA 95148 VIVO is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization serving the Vietnamese community since 1979. Our mission is to empower the underserved communities by encouraging community members to give and contribute their talents through charity, leadership, education, research, advocacy, organizational collaboration, social entrepreneurship and cultural activities.

Happy New Year from County Supervisor Cindy Chavez

Dear Neighbor:

I hope this email finds you well. As we near the beginning of the Year of the Monkey on the Lunar Calendar, I am excited to provide an update on a number of initiatives relevant to the Vietnamese American community.

Please read on for the following updates and more: The County has completed the Vietnamese American Service Center Stakeholder Assessment - the presentation of our findings, next steps and celebration will be on February 11 at 5:30 pm at the County Government Center, 70 West Hedding, San Jose, CA 95110The Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program has formally launchedWe have incorporated a multi-lingual wayfinding initiative into our Language Access Policy to improve how we serve monolingual visitors at our County Government Center We could not have accomplished any of this without your support and continued advocacy for issues affecting the Asian Pacific American community of Santa Clara County. I hope that the Year of the Monkey will continue to bring our commu…

Vân-Ánh Võ - The Odyssey

Oscar®-nominated and Emmy®Award-winning composer Vân-Ánh Võ premieres a new musical epic inspired by the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. The Odyssey – from Vietnam to America explores the personal and spiritual journeys of the Boat People escaping war and reflects upon the resilience of the human spirit and the price of freedom. Conveying stories of human transformation that resonates for all, The Odyssey utilizes the beautiful sound of traditional Vietnamese instruments and lullabies to evoke the deepest sense of comfort, calm, and strength. Complimented by layers of electronic music and Western instruments, the sounds embrace the parallel experiences of people from other communities. The performances will feature musicians from Vân-Ánh Võ Quartet (The VA’V) with Alex Kelly on cello, Jimi Nakagawa on taiko and percussions, and Dan Cantrell on accordion and piano. Guest artists include award-winning environmental sound artist and ethnomusicologist Philip Blackburn, wh…