Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lan Diep Running for City Council Again

January 19, 2016

For more information, contact:
(408) 673-1733,

Statement of Lan Diep Announcing District 4 City Council Bid

When we cast our ballots each election, Americans rededicate ourselves to the founding principles of this great nation: liberty, equality, and self-determination.

But our democracy is undermined when voters aren't presented with a true choice at the polls; it fails when the desire to serve is overcome by the cynical belief that apathy will guarantee victory for the incumbent.

Today, after much reflection on the matter and encouragement from many residents in North San José, I am announcing my candidacy for the office of Councilmember, to represent District 4 on the San José City Council.

North San José has a central role to play in our city’s future development, and it deserves a serious representative who enjoys constituent interaction, who can craft good policy, and who can articulate a shared vision on behalf of the district. We do not have such a representative now, and the majority of residents should not be bound to the result of a low-turnout special election for lack of an alternative.

With the divisive battles of Measure B now behind us, we need thoughtful representatives to lead the healing process. Given the chance, I know I can be such a leader. As councilmember, I will focus my attention on the important issues of public safety, creating well-paying jobs, investing in transit infrastructure, and combating the skyrocketing cost of living in San José.

I hope to have your consideration and look forward to the opportunity to win your support.


Realistically, the chance for Lan Diep to win against the incumbent Councilmember Manh Nguyen is almost nil.   Viet-American voters is 19% of the total electorate.  He and Manh probably will split the Viet-American votes.   However with the endorsements of both the current Mayor Sam Liccardo and ex-Mayor Chuck Reed,  Manh will carry the majority of non-Vietnamese votes.

Lan Diep actually has a better chance at winning the D8 council race.   

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