Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Diep or Nguyen for Second Place? A Tight Race

With 86% of the ballots counted,  Diep and Nguyen are still battling it out.   After 8,376 votes cast, here is the result for the night -

Candidate                     Votes                 Percent

Tim Orozco                  1,855                 22.15%
Manh Nguyen               1,591                18.99%
Lan Diep                       1,584                18.91%

Only 7 votes separate Nguyen and Diep and still about 1,600 ballots to be counted, it will be a tight race and we will not know the result until tomorrow after 5 PM.

The night will be long for both the young and the old. 

Diep or Nguyen for Second Place

With about 80% of the ballots counted, the trend is favoring Tim Orozco and Lan Diep.

Candidate                        Votes                Percent

Tim Orozco                     1,630                21.20%
Manh Nguyen                 1,481                19.26%
Lan Diep                         1,476                19.20%

Earlier in the evening, the first set of reports showed Diep trailing Nguyen by 36 votes.  Now Diep is closing the gap to only 5 votes.    Meanwhile Orozco is widening his lead margin by 2%.

It will be a battle between Diep and Manh down to the wire.


Early Results - San Jose City Council D4 Election

There are still about 3,000 more ballots to be counted, and the results are tight among the top three contenders as expected.

Lan Diep, the lone Republican candidate, raised over $64,000 and received over $100,000 of PAC money from Chamber of Commerce.  Manh Nguyen garnered over $70,000 and spent another $74,000 of his own media resources (as in-kind contribution).   Tim Orozco is the candidate with the full support of Labor.  

LSI is expecting two Vietnamese-American candidates in the runoff but the night is too young to tell.

MANH NGUYEN1,32419.65%
RUDY NASOL3805.64%
TIM OROZCO1,40620.87%
JOHNNY LEE2603.86%
BOB DHILLON69210.27%
LAN DIEP1,28819.12%

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