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Van Tran and November 2010 Election.

Today, Nguoi Viet Daily News reported the latest fund raising activity of US congressional candidates Van Tran and Quang Pham in their race against the incumbent Loretta Sanchez.

Nguoi Viet reported that Van Tran has a total of $253,000.  Quang Pham raised $117,000 in his effort since August.   

When asked about the upcoming primary against Quang Pham,  Van Tran replied: " I put my funding to work for November election and not so much focus on the primary."

With his major donors coming from Vietnamese-American multimillionaires who have close business tie with the communist government (e.g. Hoang Kieu, owner of RAAS, who received commendation from State President Triet Nguyen and is now responsible for the promotion of Miss World 2010 to be held in VN), Van Tran was very confident that he could raise $1.5 million. 

He will have at least 1 dozen fund raising events in November, he boasted. 

One interesting …

Madison Nguyen and Brown Act

The California Court of Appeal last week upheld the jugdement against the gag order requested by the City of San Jose on the Brown Act violation by Madison Nguyen in the naming of Little Saigon. 

A little more than a year ago, The Vietnamese-American Community of Northern California (VACNORCAL) brougth the lawsuit against Nguyen and city for violating the Brown Act.  Nguyen is accused of conspiring with a majority of city councilmembers behind close door before the council open vote on the naming of a 4 block street Little Saigon (In this case against Little Saigon).

The city had requested a gag order asking to not have any discussion of the ongoing lawsuit to be in the public domain, including factual information about the lawsuit available to the public under the law.  VACNORCAL's argument against the gag order is violation of First Amendment. The presiding superior court judge, Kevin Murphy, rejected the request and granted the VACNORCAL and the press to report the progress of…