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Can Congressman Joseph Cao raise money?

For a second time within 3 months, US Congressman Joseph Cao visited Orange County to raise money with the help of State Assemblyman Van Tran. The first time, it was during the Tet's Celebration and Van Tran was the main host organizer along with Chieu Le (Lee's Sandwiches) and Frank Jao (the wealthiest and most powerful real estate developer in Little Saigon). The media was all over for this was afterall the first Vietnamese-American Congressman ever. Yet the event was so pathetic that no newspapers in Little Saigon even bother to report it. Less than 60 people showed up for the fund raising in a posh restaurant with seating arrangement for hundreds. One interesting observation at the event was Tran and his gang (of 5 now instead of 7 ) made a point of not seating together.

Two weeks ago, Joseph Cao came again for fund raising and also to discuss about human rights issues in Vietnam. Van Tran was once again on the host committee. Tran did not show up and he was not happy that …