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Joe DoVinh Running for Assembly District 72nd

It seems that Joe DoVinh has made up his mind for now to run for the newly created Assembly District 72nd seat in next year nonpartisan primary.  He will be running as a Democrat against at least 3-4 more candidates.  One of the candidates is of course Tyler Diep Truong (R), a Van Tran's disciple or "The Trannie" as the main media would refer.  Joe DoVinh is a court translator and used to work for Viet Star, a small local tabloid in Little Saigon.

Since this is nonpartisan primary, anything could happen.   Joe DoVinh is banking on the fact that Tyler Diep Truong is a controversial candidate in the eye of the mainstream and has a high negative in the Vietnamese-American community.   With the usually strong turnout of the Vietnamese-American voters,  he hopes that they will choose him instead of Truong and this will be enough to carry him at least to the run-off.    He gave Phu Nguyen (D) a run for his money in the democratic primary for the 68th assembly district last yea…

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