Monday, February 2, 2015

Garden Grove City Councilmember, Phat Bui, Urging Viet-Americans to Disrupt Businesses

There is nasty battle brewing between Riverside City Council and Garden Grove City Council  & Westminster City Council over a war that was over almost 40 years ago.

According to an OC Register article -

"....The Riverside City Council agreed in March, on a 4-3 vote, to enter into a sister-city relationship with Can Tho to cultivate cultural, economic and educational exchanges between them..."

"......Westminster and Garden Grove, the two cities that make up the largest portion of Little Saigon, have a stern message for Riverside: Your new sister-city relationship with Can Tho, Vietnam, is inappropriate and should be dissolved.   The Westminster City Council unanimously directed staff Wednesday to write a letter to Riverside, urging it to rescind its relationship with Can Tho, which the two cities formalized in a ceremony last week...."

Garden Grove City Councilmember, Phat Bui, takes it further by instructing Viet-Americans in Little Saigon to identify businesses in Riverside that are doing business in Vietnam and start demonstrate in front of their offices, with the purpose of disrupting their businesses.

 Last week, during the demonstration at the Riverside City Hall,  he urged the crowd to protest and walk into the office of a Vietnamese-American physician whom he claimed to have close relationship with Vietnamese officials.  The doctor's office is located nearby City Hall.

He has been sending to email groups  a detailed plan on how to make sure that Riverside City Council has to rescind their sister-city-relationship decision.   He is asking his people to "attack" UC Riverside and any major agricultural research companies as well as Riverside City Council.

Message from Phát Bùi: Chú ý!

[We won battle one. But the war is still unfinished.  Still a lot of works ahead and the road will be harder.
While Riverside take down the sign, they still insist to continue the relationship in the Press Releases today.  And two of the eight Council members stated they still support and will vote to keep the relationship.   The Council, UC Riverside, and major Agriculture Research companies in Riverside want to continue the relationship.  We need to hit them harders.
What we need to do going forward:
1.       Riveside Council Meeting:  Feb 3rd, 6:30pm

Dr Huu Vo and Anh Phan Ky Nhon, rally as many as Residents/American
Veterans as possible 50 to 100 to come to the City Council Chamber.
Fill out the card to speak at Public Communication to argue for termination of the relationship.
We will work out talking points.  Prepare 40 or more to speak against.  Lobby others State/Fed
Elected Officials to come or sending letter to Riverside Council.  Ask Rep. Ed Royce, Rep Sanchez,
Rep. Tom Daly, Former Senator Correa to help lobbying Riverside County Congress Rep. to help.

2.       Organize a Committee to step up Propaganda Warfare,  Raising money to sending out negative
campaign against council that continue to support Can Tho.  Asking tens of thousands people

from all over the country to email to Riverside Council, UCR.  Let’s them hear our voice wide and loud
from everywhere.  Enlist Hoi Dong Huong Can Tho to join fight.

3.       Form alliance with other organizations like enlisting BPSOS in Washington to help lobbying member of US Congress to help
4.       Step up protesting at Dr Doan Vien office
5.       Gather thousands more Riverside Signatures  (all races).
6.       Prepare Lobbying Kit to Lobby UCR (UC Riverside)
7.       Identify businesses in Riverside that do business with Can Tho
8.       More Protests !!!!  We have to motivate ourselves to do it once every month or every other months.]

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