Saturday, February 4, 2012

John Tran Guilty of Bribery & Van Tran Cohorts

John Tran, a member of the "Gang of Seven" of former state Assemblyman Van Tran, recently pleaded guilty for bribery.  Basically when he was the mayor of Rosemead, he used his office to bully a developer in paying him money on the side in order to get the building permit approved.    Appearantly, he is not as smart as his "Gang of Seven" cohorts, in this case, Andy Quach and Tyler Diep, city council members of Wesminster.   But first let us read the news as published by Whittier Daily News -

There had been rumors of corruption but it took a developer who has the gut to be the informant for the FBI to bring down John Tran.

According to the Whittier Daily News -

Cathy Satterfield, president of the El Monte Union teachers union, often questioned Tran's integrity during his tenure at the district.
While Tran has not been charged with any wrongdoing at the school district, Satterfield said she had concerns about how the board was awarding contracts and taking bids on projects

I don't know what to say besides, 'I told you so,"' she said. "When you make a decision like that, you can't turn back the clock." ........

Now let us go back to Tyler Diep and Andy Quach.  It is well known that both Andy Quach and Tyler Diep have their own consultant firms involving in helping client getting permits from housing development, opening a restaurant to liquor license. 

The business is booming it seems for each of them have multiple houses and at least two Mercedes in their respective garages.   This is a perk that goes along with being a council member in a small town where it is not a full time job. 

When Van Tran was still in power, his underlings Tyler Diep and Andy Quach knew that in order to be successful, they had to learn how to share the actions.   Well, now without adult supervison,  Quach and Diep are at each other throat vying for every bit of business.    It is not a suprise in Little Saigon that Quach is not endorsing Diep for assemblyman or even provide Diep with any politcal support. 

In the mean time, poor John Tran.   He was a strong supporter of Van Tran and the Trannie as they were vying for political offices.     But now, according to his wife, none of the  members of the  "Gang of Seven" even bother to reach out to him during his trying time.

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