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John Tran Guilty of Bribery & Van Tran Cohorts

John Tran, a member of the "Gang of Seven" of former state Assemblyman Van Tran, recently pleaded guilty for bribery.  Basically when he was the mayor of Rosemead, he used his office to bully a developer in paying him money on the side in order to get the building permit approved.    Appearantly, he is not as smart as his "Gang of Seven" cohorts, in this case, Andy Quach and Tyler Diep, city council members of Wesminster.   But first let us read the news as published by Whittier Daily News -

There had been rumors of corruption but it took a developer who has the gut to be the informant for the FBI to bring down John Tran.

According to the Whittier Daily News -

Cathy Satterfield, president of the El Monte Union teachers union, often questioned Tran's integrity during his tenure at the district. While Tran has not been charged with any wrongdoing at the school district, Satterfield said she had concerns about how th…