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John Zamora Calling Out Madison Nguyen

At the press conference in front of City Hall with about 75 people gathering, the Recall Team issued a challenge to Madison Nguyen to join them to call the city council for an appointment of a person to replace Madison Nguyen after March 3 election. Their logic is instead of having two additional elections (June and Nov), the city would save money by appointment.

Also at the press conference, former Santa Clara Supervisor Pete McHugh and a prominent member of the Latino community, John Zamora, expressed their strong support for the recall of Nguyen.

Mayor Reed was asked after the press conference about the appointment possibility to save city money. He replied:"I think she is going to win so I am not going to spend a lot of time worrying about".

John Zamora was the founder of US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a former Planning Commissioner and Bicentenial Commissioner. The text of his speech is captured below:


Madison Nguyen and A Proxy War

The absentee ballots for recall have just been sent out this week but the gloves were already off since last May. Madison Nguyen raised over $200,000 mostly from out of state developers, lobbyists and kingmakers of labor unions with their large sum contributions. The recall team was mostly outgunned by Nguyen money wise until the recent surge where they raised over $100,000 in the last 1 month. Their money is mostly from ordinary folks giving them $50 to $100.

Mainstream media is on Nguyen's side as well as most city councilmembers, the Democratic Party and of course South Bay Labor Unions. Nguyen has the Labor's machine behind her along with Mayor Reed's staff (on loan) and his powerful consultant Vic Aljouny (at least in the beginning).

The recall team is basically made up of young professionals of engineer, dentist, pharmacist, ect.. who has no campaign experience and basically are doing this on a volunteer basis.

From the outside looking in, it is a mismatch between pro a…

Diep Mien Truong For State Assembly

At the fund raising event for US Congressman Joseph Cao in the heart of Little Saigon last weekend, Diep Mien Truong, a 26 years old aide to Assemblyman Van Tran, announced unofficially his candidacy for state assembly to replace Van Tran. Tran is termed out in 2010.

Truong barely won his election 2 months ago for the Westminster city council. This will be the third Trannie running for a major office within the last 2 years. Here is a picture of Truong, Dina Nguyen and Trung Nguyen at the Republican Party convention in Minnesota.

US Congressman Joseph Cao and Frank Jao

It must have been quite a disappointment for the first Vietnamese-American US Congressman Joseph Cao to attend a fund raising event in his honor in the heart of Little Saigon. The organizing committee are the who's who of Little Saigon political power - Assemblyman Van Tran and his cohort of councilmembers - Dina, Tri, Andy, Truong, and school board trustee Lan Nguyen. And the event was organized by US Congressman Ed Royce and Van Tran themselves as the print on the invitation would suggest. In addition, the weathiest businessman of Little Saigon put his name to welcome Cao - Frank Jao (V-Home Group and Bridegecreek Development). And of course, all the advertisement, hype and media attention from mainstream to all newspapers in Little Saigon.
Supervisor Janet Nguyen, Garden Grove, city councilmember Andrew Do and Dr. Pham Long ( Orange County Board of Education trustee) were not invited. And they did not show up.
It was a dead event that the ambient probably prompted Joseph Cao to …