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Ash Kalra vs. Madison Nguyen

The California State Assembly race for D27 is getting intense between the two main candidates - former San Jose Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen and City Councilmember Ash Kalra.

Nguyen and Ash both have raised the maximum limit of $550,000 for their respective campaign.  But Nguyen with the huge support from PACs is raising a concern of out-of-state special interest groups trying to influence the race.  It is unusual to have this much money pouring into a primary for a state assembly seat.   Just for comparison,  two years ago, the Republican Party and PACs spent $3 million for the whole state senatorial race to support Janet Nguyen and her campaign against Jose Solorio.  And it was considered to be a crucial race for the Republican Party to prevent the Democratic Party of an absolute majority in the State Senate.

So far local PACs have spent about $400,000 to support Kalra while special interest groups have put it over $1.7 million to support Nguyen.

Here is a press release by Ash Kalra&…

Diep Lan and His Campaign for D4 City Council

This is an interesting turn of event.  The race will be closer than it will be with the support of Kansen Chu for Lan Diep.


Dear Friends:

I have done my best not to bombard you with fundraising emails this election cycle, but I really need your help right now. With only seven days left before Election Day, I hope to send out one last mailer to voters reminding them to vote for me. There are about 40,000 registered voters in District 4 and as you can imagine, the cost of printing and postage to mail to just a fraction of them costs a significant amount money. If you haven't already contributed $600,please give what you can up to the $600 limit.

This final mailer will be important to help voters understand what's at stake in this election.

This past May 24th, a representative from Google Fiber came to make a presentation before the San Jose City Council. As you may know, Google Fiber is an internet service that provides connection speeds of up to…