Sunday, July 13, 2014

Madison Nguyen Goes Shopping

San Jose Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen is shopping to see who would bite her endorsement bait.   After her third place finish in the recent mayoral race, she is anxious to cut a deal for her endorsement with either one of the two remaining candidates who will face each other in the fall for the runoff. 

Last week, Nguyen met with County Supervisor Dave Cortese.   LSI was not at the meeting but from what Nguyen has been ranting about after the election to whoever wants to hear, it would be safe to expect a similar outburst. 

She has been expressing her bitterness of how San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed did not endorse her even though she supported him on all of his issues.  She has even gone further to say that most of Sam Liccardo's money and votes should have been hers if Reed had endorsed her.  And she is particularly upset with the Mercury editorial for calling her lacking city-wide issue experience.   

Just a bit of history, Nguyen abandoned Labor Unions after they had helped her to beat back the recall and took side with Reed.  The switch in loyalty was because she wanted to win this race and Reed backing was supposedly her ticket.  Reed gave her the vice mayor position and apparently promised his support for her mayoral race.   

So what does she want from Cortese?  If Dave wins, she will run for his supervisor seat.  She wants his endorsement in return for hers now.   The problem is Nora Campos already has her eye for the D3  seat.   How about Nora's current assembly seat?  Well, that is likely to be reserved for Ash Kalra by the Labor Unions.

LSI does not know the future of Nguyen's political career but any politician that can betray the people that supported them with no regrets really has no future with the electorate.   Who would trust Madison Nguyen?  Not the Vietnamese-American community in San Jose.   Sam Liccardo knows  that she will stab him the in back at any given opportunity.  Dave Cortese and Cindy Chavez simply wish that she would go away. 

What a tangle web Nguyen has weaved with her disloyalty.


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