Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jimmy Nguyen vs. Rose Herrera, A Proxy War

Jimmy Nguyen is picking up the momentum to unseat at the incumber Rose Herrera for the city council seat of District 8 in San Jose.   With 18% of the registrar voters in the district are Vietnamese-Americans, he will have a strong voting bloc by having the last name Nguyen.

Even though he has not been active in the community in the past, he has been lately embracing himself with Ly Tong and the Little Saigon naming battle (yes, the battle is still on after all these years, along with the pending appeal over the Brown Act violation).   But you cannot fault the guy from jumping on  enticing political opportunties when he sees one. 

Jimmy Nguyen and Patricia Martinez Roach were part of the proxy battle between County Supervisor Dave Cortese and labor unions against Mayor Chuck Reed.    Cortese also has a personal vendetta against Reed so anything to make Reed's life miserable, it is fair game to him. 

The choice candidate was Roach and Nguyen was the designated spoiler.  The strategy was not to have Herrera won the primary outright but forced her into the runoff in November.   In  the end, when Roach faltered badly, Cortese and his people decided to put PAC money into Jimmy Nguyen to ensure that the Vietnamese-American votes were strong with him.  

In the primary, Nguyen was for Chuck Reed's pension reform plan but in order to get the full support of Labor, he now has switched to opposing the pension reform plan. 

With Labor now finally lining up behind him after his flip flop to their pension cause, Nguyen will have a good chance of closing in on Rose Herrera who won the primary with 48% of the votes.

The key question here is - Do people in District 8 believe in Labor and their entitlement and control of the local government that really put a lot of tax money in their own pockets?  These are wasteful money that benefit Labor and their many underlings yet do not serve the people of San Jose.    Union members are receiving benefits and entitlements that are 30% better than the ordinary working folks.  In this period of economic hardtime,  it is unfanthomable that the taxpayers still have to bear the burdner high taxes to pay for the outrageous benefits that the public workers do not deserve. 

Jimmy Nguyen is not his own man.  He sold his soul to Labor in order to get a city council seat.   On the other, Rose Herrera is well known to have a second rate temperament as well as intellect.  But again, we are just talking about a city council seat. 

As taxpayers in District 8 going to the booth in November, the most matter question they have to ask themselves is: " When is enough is enough, do you really want your hard earned money being taxed away to subsidize the ridiculuos entitlement and outlandish benefits that public servants are currently enjoyed?" 

It is a clear election of choice between Herrera (whom by the way won the 2008 election with the supports of Labor and Dave Cortese)  who is supporting the pension reform because she understands the needs of fiscal responsibility and Nguyen, an inexperienced newcomer who at first supported the pension reform but now flip flop because he just wants to win at all cost.


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