Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Major Upset In the Making in District 4

With still 2,000 ballots left to count, incumbent City Councilmember Manh Nguyen is ahead  attorney Lan Diep by just 17 votes.   The trend was against him in the last two days.  On election night, he was ahead by 193 votes.

MANH NGUYEN7,19350.06%
LAN DIEP7,17649.94%

If Manh Nguyen lost, it would be one of the biggest upsets in San Jose City Council race history.  Never before, an incumbent with the endorsement of current Mayor and former Mayor including a number of seating City Councilmembers along with both Labor and Chamber is facing such a defeat.

One interesting note, a week before the election,  Assemblyman Kansen Chu threw his support to Lan Diep.   Chu of course is a well liked former councilmember of D4.  

Lan Diep lost to Manh Nguyen by 13 votes in last year primary.  It would be interesting to see if he can reciprocate the loss this year.

Just one note - The voter turn-out is unusually high for this primary, especially in D4.   Typical turn out has been around 8,000 ballots in the primary and 14,000 ballots in the general election.  This year, the primary will likely break a record of close to 17,000 ballots.

OC Election Results Two Days After

Completed Precincts: 226 of 226
Vote CountPercentage
LOU CORREA (DEM)25,15541.7%
BOB PETERSON (REP)8,78814.6%
BAO NGUYEN (DEM)8,33213.8%
JOE DUNN (DEM)7,63212.6%
LYNN SCHOTT (REP)5,2168.6%

County Supervisor 1st District
Completed Precincts: 198 of 198
Vote CountPercentage
* ANDREW DO21,70436.0%
PHAT BUI11,62219.3%
STEVE ROCCO5,7279.5%

Member, County Central Committee 72nd Assembly District - Republican
Number To Vote For: 6
Completed Precincts: 242 of 242
Vote CountPercentage
* MICHAEL E. GATES (REP)16,40514.6%
* ANDREW DO (REP)13,97612.5%
* KERMIT MARSH (REP)12,63011.3%
DEAN GROSE (REP)11,58010.3%
TYLER DIEP (REP)10,8729.7%
1 JOHN W. BRISCOE (REP)10,3269.2%
PHAT BUI (REP)8,9438.0%
2 JOHN BRISCOE (REP)7,5486.7

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Early Results from San Jose and Orange County

Some of the early results in San Jose City Council races

City Council District 4

City Council District 8


State Assembly D27 (San Jose)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

OC Register Endorses Andrew Do for OC Supervisor

The largest newspaper in Orange County endorses current Supervisor Andrew Do in his bid for re-election.

"...In his nearly 17 months on the board after winning a special election, Andrew Do has taken a role of leadership, helping craft county policies that prioritize public safety, creating a more open and transparent county government and tackling our region’s homelessness crisis.
Mr. Do has our endorsement and the voters would be wise to return him to office."

Supervisor Andrew Do is well liked in the community and is known for his outreach efforts to ensure that all voices are being heard.  He ability to focus on issues and cut away the politics has enable him to work with oppositions to tackling problems.   Recently, he was in Sacramento for a ceremonial event with the State Senate.   President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon (D) half joking told him, you are next on my target list.  

Santa Clara County Free COVID-19 Testing Site

Over the weekend, the County expanded access to COVID-19 testing by adding six new free testing sites based on the number of recent c...