Thursday, September 24, 2009

Van Tran & AM 1190 KXMX

State Assemblyman Van Tran and Nguoi Viet Newspaper last week entered an agreement to share 4 hours of radio on AM 1190 KXMX. This is foreign language radio station that is popular with the Vietnamese-American community.

The detail is being worked out but it seems that Van Tran will have one hour for him and his "Gang of Seven". The other three hours ( or two) will be reserved for Dinh Quang Anh Thai and possibly Vu Quy Hao Nhien. They both are recently hired editors for Nguoi Viet. In the case of Hao Nhien, it was a rehire. But knowing Hao Nhien, he might back out from doing radio show. He is more comfortable writing blog (Bolsavik) then doing live radio show. Anh Thai of course came from Little Saigon Radio, the most popular radio show in Little Saigon before financial difficult affected their operation.

Van Tran realizes that without having control of a radio show, he is at the mercy of talk show hosts who don't like him and his group. Now with Nguoi Viet on board and he has access to 1 hour of radio time every weekday, Tran feels confident knowing that he is sitting pretty next year during the primary.

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