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Medical-Cal and Medicare Recipients -

Do you have both Medi-Cal AND Medicare?

Do you recently enroll in a Cal MediConnect health plan?

Earn $50 by participating in an interview
UC Berkeley researchers are holding interviews with people in Santa Clara County who have recently enrolled in a Cal MediConnect health plan. The purpose is to seek your input about new health materials to improve the program.

ABOUT THE INTERVIEW: . You will get a $50  for participating. It will last about 1 hour. It will be held in San Jose in March 31 and April 1,  2016. . Call (408) 579-6014 to sign up and to determine if you are eligible. o lf you need help with transportation to the, please let us know.

YOU MAY BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IF: . You have both Medi-Cal AND Medicare.  You live in Santa Clara County. You recently joined a Cal MediConnect health plan (i.e. Anthem, Blue Cross, Cal MediConnect Plan or Santa Clara Family Health Plan, Cal MediConnect Plan).

You may also be eligible if you make health care decisions for someone who recentl…

Phat Bui Runs for OC Supervisor District 1

As the incumbent Supervisor Andrew Do seeking his re-election in June, the Vietnamese-American community in OC is quite curious why Garden Grove Councilmember Phat Bui decided to run, at the last minute, against a popular public servant.

Supervisor Andrew Do has the endorsement of the Orange County Republican Party and its leadership.  He also has all the supports of the 4 OC supervisors.   He is appreciated  and well liked in the Vietnamese-American community with his many concrete programs for the community since he was elected a year ago.

So far, Bui has declined to comment on why he is running against Andrew Do.  Bui is a registered Republican but tends to support Democratic candidates with big donations.  He gave  Jose Solorio $2,000 for his state assembly race as well as Tom Daly, $2,100 for his.   The community is speculating whether this is a ploy by the OC Democratic Party to split the Vietnamese-American vote in order for their candidate, Santa Ana Councilmember Michele Mar…