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Candidate Mailers for November 2010 Election (Sanchez, Tran, Phu Nguyen, etc..)

Van Tran vs. Loretta Sanchez - A Street Brawl

According to an article by Voice of OC, a nonprofit investigative news agency,  Van Tran is trying his best to silent his critics in the media in the Vietnamese-American community.   In this latest episode of silencing the media, it is alleged that he took out the Long Vo's radio show and forced the show to be cancelled.  

This sounds like a familar tactics that Van Tran used against Janet Nguyen in 2008 and 2007.   His influence as the "Godfather" is powerful in the Vietnamese-American community, especially with the print and radio media.  Janet Nguyen could not even buy an ad in both Viet Bao or Nguoi Viet in 2008 in response to some of Van Tran's attack against her.   Both of the newspapers would print Van Tran's attack on Janet Nguyen as communist sympathizer but they refused to allow Janet Nguyen to answer the false charges.

Now the "Godfather" is up to his old trick again.  See the excerpt of the investigative piece below:

Controversy Surrounds a …

Minh Duong vs. Madison Nguyen, The Final Stretch

So it comes down the final three weeks of a boring D7 city council race to see whether the controversial incumbent Madison Nguyen deserves another 4 years.    Despite her barrage of negative campaigns on the radio, Vietnamese-American newspapers  and mailers, the voters so far apparently are not convinced.   Minh Duong is being portrayed as a pro-communist, negatively as a struggling businessman trying to keep his business alive and about his personal lives from the car he drives to the suit and tie he wears.

Yet, the latest rolling poll done by the Asian-American Poll Media shows that Duong is at 47% and Nguyen is at 44%.  The margin of error is +/- 5%.   The survey was done by telephone with a representative sample of 125 most likely voters among  14,000 registered voters in D7 whom are considered likely to vote in the 2010 election.

This is a suprising result since so far in the race,  Nguyen has refused to talk about issues facing the people of D7.  She refused to debate her oppon…