Ly Tong and His Trial

Ly Tong and his infamous attack on a popular Vietnamese singer Dam Vinh Hung with pepper spray is  but all forgotten in the community for now.  The only thing in the news are from Ly Tong and his constant email to various Web forums boasting about his action to attack the singer as a just cause to defeat the communist propaganda against the overseas Vietnamese community.   He currently is being shunned from the community for his outrageous and over-the-top claims for many things.

This is a quite a turn about for just 2-3 months ago, he was being embraced by every Vietnamese-American politician running for office, including State Assemblyman Van Tran and Wesminster councilmember Ta Tri Duc.

He is on trial for 2 felony charges and the court date is set for 2/28/2011.  His team of  lawyers has resigned since they could not stand his self-delusion and blatant purpose of  making a mockery out of the justice system by planning to turn the trial into his own personal political forum as a one man anti-communist superhero.  

Ly Tong is seeing himself as an anti-communist martyr.  He has publicly said many times that he rather serves time in jail to make a point.  LSI is not a legal expert but the conventional wisdom is that for such an unstable defendant, the court might want to consider him as an insane person.


Anonymous said…
What a shame to the Vietnamese community for this act of violence against a peaceful performance to share the arts & culture of Việt Nam. This was not a representation of the majority of young Vietnamese, who would only wish to help bridge Việt Nam to overseas Vietnamese. People like Lý Tống should be jailed or best be deported back to his homeland!
Anonymous said…
Agree! I think he is just a crazy bastard - such a wanker who always wants to show off - he thinks he is a hero of the community - ha!
No countries want to have him anyway - the US can't deport him as the Vina will refuse to have such a wanker back - poor the US where can they send him to? JAIL!

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