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Mai Khanh Tran for US Congress

Going up against a 12-term California GOP Rep. Ed Royce is a tough battle for anyone not alone a political novice.   But a Magna Cum Laude Harvard graduate and a Wall Street analyst-turned medical doctor,  Mai Khanh Tran is taking on a challenge.

The district covers northern Orange County, eastern LA County and part of San Bernardino County (including cities like Diamond Bar, Chino Hills, Fullerton and Yorba Linda).  Ethnic diversity is becoming a reality for this once Republican bastion with 50% of the population is Latinos and Asians. Royce's district has a 1.7% point Republican edge in voter registration.

Ed Royce is an active politician and has built a strong relationship with his ethnic voters and he is considered to be one of the more effective lawmakers in the US Congress.

 Tran's main reason to against him so far is his close tie to Donald Trump and his voting against the  national health care that will result in about  25 millions American without health insurance co…

19-6, Vietnamese National Armed Forces Day Honor

This is a resolution passed recently by the California State Senate to honor Vietnamese soldiers and their contribution in the war against the communist.    Before the Fall of South Vietnam in 1975, June 19 was the Vietnamese National Armed Forces Day to honor the soldiers and their service to South Vietnam.
Only the Vietnamese version was released from the Office of State Senator Janet Nguyen. 

FORIMMEDIATERELEASEContact:Diana Moreno June15,2017(714)741-1034
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Overseas Community Is Under Attack by Communist!

A couple days ago, in a headline grabbing email, " Our Community Is Under Attack", blasted to her supporters calling for campaign donations,  State Senator Janet Nguyen is making a case why people should donate money to her so that she can fight for their voices in Sacramento against the Senate leadership of Bill Monning (D) and Kevin de Leon (D), the two culprits that shut her down while she was trying to make a speech against a deceased senator for his anti-war stand.

As any smart Vietnamese-American politician would know, the only way to rile up the community is to put a communist label on them.   So far, her tactic is to infer Senator Kevin de Leon to be, well,  let the content of the email speaks for itself

Kính thưa qúy đồng hương,
Cộng đồng chúng ta đang bị Cộng Sản tấn công!  

(translation - Our Community is Under Attack by the Communist!)

Trong những tháng gần đây, cộng đồng chúng ta đã đoàn kết cùng chống lại các nhà lập pháp tại Thủ Phủ S…