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1430 AM Radio Station

The puzzlement of the Vietnamese-American community in the last two weeks has been the fact that Madison Nguyen and her staff are calling into the station manager complaining that the political attacks on her have made her job as an elected official to be difficult and ineffective.

She asked the manager to forbid the radio talk show about the recall effort to do the followings:

1. To call her by her name when talking about her. They can only refer to her as "Madame City Council "

2. To call her a liar. The radio talk show has an open line and people are calling in to question about her cover up with her behind the scene deal with Tang Lap to name the area Vietnam Town.

3. To call her a pro-communist. She complaints that such labeling would endanger her life. She so far could not provide any evidences that she is being threatened or even being called a pro-communist.

The funny thing is that every time her supporters attack the community (and hence their own community) and the reca…

Predictions for The Year of the Ox

LSI will rely on the ancient art of "Fortune Telling" to predict the upcoming Year of the Ox. Here are the "Top 10 Stories":

10. Microsoft, after the departure of Yang, will make an offer for Yahoo! at a discount price in the low 20s.

9. Silicon Valley unemployment rate will hit an all time high.

8. Median house price in San Jose will drop another 10% before bottoming out.

7. Unless her health fails her, Diane Feinstein will run for governor. And if she does, there will be no serious challengers from the Democratic Party.

6. Van Tran will gear up to run against Lou Correa. However, his effort will fall flat and he will end up in a political no man's land as he is termed out in 2010.

5. Nora Campos will run to replace Joe Coto unless Cindy Chavez decides to run. But chances are Cindy will not run. She has doubts about her own political ambitions.

4. If Madison Nguyen lost, a heavy weight candidate will run against Chuck Reed, literally.

3. In a city where there is only …