Wednesday, March 15, 2017

San Jose City is Bracing for Class Action Suit

While San Jose City and the Santa Clara Water District are pointing fingers at each other for the total failure of warning residents of the Coyote Creek flood, internally both parties are bracing for a class action law suit..  The city's lack of preparation and notifications before the flood and then the incompetent response to the victims after the flood are downright shameful.

The Mayor and City Councilmembers were quick to show up for press conferences and photo ops but are clueless on the conditions of the victims and the city staff are non responsive and down right arrogant in some cases.   To the hundred of victims that got their chance to speak last week at a special City Council meeting, the horror stories of victims are not receiving adequate help show how traditional nonprofit organizations like Red Cross in Santa Clara County are not ready to handle a small emergency like this flood and of course, the city and county are simply just shaking their heads saying we are not ready for emergency situations.

Many citizens of San Jose would not mind a law suit to see that once and for all, the city needs to learn its lessons.

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