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Annie Le of Yale

New Haven, Conn. — Media Advisory: Yale University Offers Reward for Information on Whereabouts of Missing Student

From Yale Chief of Police James A. Perrotti:

As you know from the information we provided publicly through the media yesterday, the Yale Police, with assistance from the FBI, the CT State Police, and the New Haven Police, are investigating the disappearance of Annie Le, a graduate student who is pursuing a PhD degree at Yale. Ms. Le’s last known location was in a Yale research facility at 10 Amistad Street on Tuesday morning.

We have appealed to the general public, as well as to the Yale community, for any information about Ms. Le’s whereabouts and are actively pursuing all leads. Ms. Le’s professors, colleagues, friends, family, and her fiancĂ© are assisting in the investigation. The State Police have searched the area of Ms. Le’s last known appearance with their bloodhounds; law enforcement officers are continuing to undertake detailed searches of the surrounding area; and …

Vietnamese National Day and San Francisco

For the last 2 years on September 2, the Vietnamese Consulate in San Francisco has received permission by SF Mayor Newsome to fly the Vietnamese flag in front of City Hall for one day to celebrate Vietnamese National Day. This is a courtesy given to the consulate as part of the sister city relationship

Just like last year, Mayor Newsome was there to congratualate the Consulate General for the happy occasion.
By the afternoon of the same day, the Vietnamese-American community responsed by asking the flag to be removed. And similarly to last year episosde, the city official politely received the petition. The flag then was removed around 5:00 PM the same day for it is protocol to display foreign nation flag in front of City Hall for one day only.

Van Tran and Fund Raising

Van Tran two weeks ago flooded the Vietnamese-American media and his supporters with a fund raising announcement at Original Mike's. The event was also noted by OC Register.

Invited keynote speaker was Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Chief Deputy Whip. The guests of honors listed on the flyers were Congressmen Ken Calvert, John Campbell, Gary Miller, Dana Rohrabacher and Ed Royce.

The restaurtant was told to expect about 250 people.

The event ended up with about 35 people. Kevin McCarthy did not show up. The MC (Carlos Bustamante of Santa Ana) did not mentioned anything about Kevin McCarthy and his absence. Tran spoke about his background and emphasized his 75% ID recognition in the Vietnamese-American community. The irony is that there were about 10 Vietnamese-Americans at the event. They did not get introduced by the MC or recognized by Van Tran. The controversial Diep Truong and Andy Quach did not dare to be there.

Hugh Nguyen, the county clerk OC Recorder candidate, paid $150 to atten…