Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cindy Huynh, Lottery Winner of $32 Million

Cindy Huynh of Ponoma County recently cashed in her lottery winning ticket worth $32 million.   She is joining a long list of Vietnamese-American lottery winners.   Some of the most notable ones are:

- Nguyen van Hien and his family members of 11 people won the PowerBall jackpot of $85.7 million in 2010.  They are from Baton Rouge, LA.  They have decided to form a familty trust called H and N  Family Partnership to manage the money as well as to donate some of the winning to charities and their Catholic diosece in Baton Rouge.

-  Nguyen van Ut in 2004 became the first Mega Millions winner in Texas.  His winning jackpot was $101 million.  He donated some of the money to build a buddhist temple in Duncanville, TX and went back to Vietnam to do charity work.

-  In 2006, eight workers at the ConAgra meatpacking plant in Nebraska won what was at that time the largest lottery jackpot in the US at $365 million.  Two of the workers were from Vietnam - Dao Quang, 56, and Tran Dung, 34.

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