Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Unofficial Poll for Jimmy Nguyen and Rose Herrera

LSI asked Asian American Poll Media, LLC to do an unofficial poll for the exciting  San Jose District 8 city council race.  

The conventional wisdom indicates that this will be a close race despite Jimmy Nguyen, a relatively unknown and inexperience candidate, running against an incumbent that is mostly staying out of trouble ever since she was elected 4 years ago. 

The reason is mostly personal vendetta from labor unions and Supervisor Dave Cortese against Rose Herrera for she is taking a pension reform position aligning with Mayor Chuck Reed.   Of course, Cortese and Reed are fierce political enemies since 2006 mayoral election.

The survey was done with 235 likely voters with an error of  +/-  4%.  Voters were selected across the diverse ethnic groups that made up the electorate of District 8.    According to poll taken for the week of Sept 25 - Sept 29,   50% will most likely vote for Herrera, 42% for Nguyen, and 8% undecided.

From the poll,  it will be a closely contested race with Jimmy Nguyen running against pension reform.  He changed his postion after the primary so that he could get the money and support from Labor.  Nguyen also enjoys an overwhelming support of the Vietnamese-American community, especially from Ly Tong and the anti-communist activists that caused such commotion with their Little Saigon fight a few years ago.  

Herrera on the other hand is enjoying the support of Reed and Chamber of Commerce with her staunch stand on pension reform and fiscal responsibility.  At the end of the day, will Herrera be defeated for she is vulnerable with her second rate temperament


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