Monday, May 27, 2013

Scott Pham for Santa Clara County Supervisor

For the last two weeks,  LSI has been flooded with email from Scott Hung Pham about his campaign for the June 4 special election.    Scott was elected to the Alum Rock Union School Board in 2010.   He abruptedly resigned in 2012 and cited personal reason for his departure.  Now he is putting his name in the ballot with 5 other candidates for the recently vacated District 2 supervisor seat.  

In his latest email, Scott espoused interesting statistics to support his chance of winning.  He declared that based on his experience, there will be about  15,000 votes casted in this special election.   There are 20,000 Vietnamese-American registered voters in District 2; thus, he claimed, in bold letters with red color highlight, he only needs 7501 votes to win. 

He emphasized if the Viet turnout is high, he will have a very good chance of winning the election outright.   To further remind the community to vote for him, he included a picture of himself standing next to  the convicted felon Ly Tong.

In District 2, there are about 120,000 registered voters with 55% of the electorate are Hispanics.  The Mercury News predicts this will be a two-woman race between Chavez and Alvarado.  

Since this has been a very low key election, the turn out will be undoubtedly low.  If Scott can mobilize the Vietnamese-American voters, he will have a good chance of upseting either Chavez or Alvarado and get into the run-off.  

But in the run-off,  Scott's chance of winning is zeal.  As a fringe candidate, he neither has the money nor the support of Hispanics, Whites or other Asian voters to win.

However,  LSI has to give him the credit for seizing the opportunity in a 6-person race and hoping for an upset.  And when your campaign is partly relying on the infamous Ly Tong to help get the votes, everything is unpredictable. 

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