Friday, June 11, 2010

Jeff Rosen and His Victory over Dolores Carr

From Jeff Rosen to supporters via email

We Won — Thank You!

Dear Friends,

Today we brought change to this county. By a margin of 2,854 votes and 1.14%, we won!

I am incredibly humbled to announce that, on January 3, 2011, I will be inaugurated as the Santa Clara County District Attorney. This change will happen because you spoke out. In this election, we spoke with the people of this county, and together, loudly and clearly, we said one word: justice.

And as long as I serve as this county's District Attorney, that word will be our guide, our inspiration, and our hallmark. Because only through a just process, and a justice-oriented approach, can we achieve just results.

I have bold plans for the District Attorney's office, and I encourage you to read my victory speech, which is copied below. I truly believe that we won this election because we were fair, truthful, and passionate about changing business as usual in this county.

Thank you for all your help, for contributing, volunteering, offering advice, and providing moral support throughout this campaign. Thank you for doing what you knew to be right. We did this together. I look forward to serving you with honesty, integrity, humility, hard work, and a wholehearted commitment to justice.


Jeff Rosen

Santa Clara County District Attorney-Elect